Delegate the traffic and bring in the revenue with classy Amazon ad services provided by our experts

At HFM we follow a holistic marketing approach that is full-proof channelization of potential with definite smart strategies to transform your business.

You are just not a marketer, you are a brand with extraordinary capacities.

Do you want to increase your sales and reduce your ACos? Do you want to be at the top of the consumer’s list on Amazon’s marketplace? This is where we come into play. If you partner with us you can improve your product’s ranking in search results, increase your sales, optimize ACoS, and more. Also, with our curated ad strategies, we can ensure that your company’s products are placed on the front end in the Amazon marketplace which will help you surpass your competitors.

Did you know that Amazon drives almost half of the online sales?

It’s the world’s largest e-commerce platform, that hands enormous opportunities to your company when it comes to achieving sales targets, to reach a larger customer base, to have your own online store, and more. But you might be wondering, why would your company need help from Amazon PPC agency, right?

Hungry Folks Media offers you services to help you Advertise on Amazon Ads. Whether you increase your sales or boost brand awareness, Amazon lets you align your targets with your goals. You can deem your Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) as your measure of success if you’re focusing on driving more sales. With our custom and data-cum-performance-driven strategies, we will help you bring down your business’s Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) while increasing its sales and market share. ACoS is crucial to your business because you can track all your costs and work out how much profit you will make. ACoS will help you set your ad campaign up for success.

Amazon Ads requires a more smart and well-equipped search engine optimization strategy- Amazon SEO and it demands a competitive Amazon PPC management (pay-per click) campaign planned by Amazon PPC experts. Our Amazon Marketing Agency specializes in these areas. A large portion of clicks on Amazon now go to paid ads, underlining that if you aren’t advertising on Amazon, you are losing out on earning via the world’s hugest e-commerce platform. We as an Amazon advertising agency help increase your earnings!

Our Amazon Ad management services focus on Amazon’s primary advertising options such as:

Sponsored Product Ads.
We research, create, build, and manage your Sponsored Product Ads. These ads are created and strategized in a way that reaches your target consumers. Amazon sponsored product ads have high sales-per-click. So we do the job of researching your audience, learning your products, and backing your online sales marketing strategy with data and ideas.

Sponsored Brands.
We also develop and manage Sponsored Brands where each ad promotes products to reach your target consumers as they search for relevant items on Amazon.

Product Display Ads.
We develop and manage your Product Display Ads to reach your target audience as they view merchandising emails from Amazon, and even while they browse similar products.

ACOS optimization.
We will guide you and help optimize ACoS. It is crucial to maintain a low ACoS to mark a successful ad campaign. Even if you sell a lot of products, if your ACoS is high, it’ll clear out or decrease your profits. That’s why brands partner with our amazon advertising agency, to ensure higher sales and a lower ACoS.

Amazon PPC management.