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Lustica Bay Case Study

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Luštica Bay is a marina town offering waterfront properties, hotels, berths, golf & lifestyle facilities in Montenegro. Lustica Bay resort is a premium quality spot for those who value comfortable and eco-friendly lifestyle.


-One of the difficult challenges that the brand faced was the issue of selling a luxury lifestyle, which meant limiting their reach to a very specific and exclusive target group.

– As Montenegro was just developing in Tourism Space the most challenging job was to convince the Audience via Creatives to invest in the properties of Lustica Bay.

-As we targeted audiences from 4 different countries we had to use Vernacular Communication.


–The average cost-per-click on real-estate keywords are considerably high at an average cost of around 400 per click. Our goal here was to convert qualified leads at a higher than average conversion rate of 2%.

–We used a mixture of retargeting and lookalike audiences to find the best audience to target for Lustica Bay. This helped us drive the most results at the lowest cost.


– The Conversion rate boosted up from the previous 3% to 7% .

-The Prompt response due to the CRM helped the qualified leads stay in loop with the properties at Lustica Bay.

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