Media Planning
and Buying

We recognize precisely where to place your advertisements and we’re geared up with all of the proper tools!

Media planning and buying is a strategic process that helps businesses and brands connect with potential customers as they move through their buyer journey. No matter which industry you deal in, we at HFM are equipped to give you excellent visibility on online media with our digital marketing solutions. Our team of specialists research and find the best suiting platforms for gaining maximum visibility.

Hungry Folks media is a digital media planning and buying agency in Mumbai, that specializes in working with clients with small to large budgets. We are a full-service advertising agency, which means we have the expertise and skill to handle placements of digital media. We are an independent media planning agency which means that we are not knotted to any specific media channel, thus ensuring that we create our campaigns around our clients’ needs. When you choose digital advertising, we can grant you access to every platform and buy it for you. It is of utmost importance to engage your brand in promotional activities and place and promote your brand on platforms that have the traffic of your relevant target audience. So, we first research the market and align your objectives and then recommend what is right for you to achieve your campaign goals and then we acquire paid media space to place your advertisement on those platforms to increase engagement from targeted customers.

With various media options, as a media planning and buying agency, we are here to help you do it effectively. We ensure to analyze your business needs and help you target and use the right media areas to convey your message. We’ll show you exactly what impact your campaigns have had by providing detailed analytics and reports.