Meru Cab


How we Increased Organic Bookings by 61% and traffic from various targeted cities.

    About Meru Cabs.

  • Not to brag, but Meru initiated the ride- hailing revolution in India where customers could easily have an AC cab at their doorstep with a single call. This goes way back in time when the black and yellow taxis (Kaali-peeli taxis) largely dominated our city roads.

    Objectives and Challenges

  • Though known for its Cab Booking Services,Meru Cabs faced an uphill task of establishing its presence in the Outstation and other services as well. The toughest challenge faced was from established brands capitalizing on online traffic because of their direct connect with customers via their pan-India cab booking operations. The challenge also included poor SERP rankings, and ineffective URL tagging system which distorted traffic numbers in Google Analytics.

    Our Solution

    A decision was taken to adopt a 360° approach to SEO optimization comprising Onsite SEO, Content Optimization and Marketing along with Link Building. The idea was to deliver results across the Search Landscape – Product Keywords, Local SEO for city keywords and Map results, Brand keywords, Direct Answer Box on both Desktop and Mobile.
    The first step though was a comprehensive keyword research and bucketing to identify content requirements to bolster the website.
    Our teams identified about 2000 keywords each for the two products and initiated their effective use.
    This was followed by onsite performance improvement, navigational changes, blogs optimization, link building and content marketing.
    Simultaneously, Local Search Optimization for city-based keywords was performed to improve search visibility across India.
    We also put in efforts to reclaim top rankings for the entire set of Brand Keywords. Next, we tweaked content to start appearing in Direct Answer Box, driving up the traffic to the site.
    Tasks for enhancement of user engagement and conversion rate optimization were also initiated.


    We reiterated our belief that targets are just a number and phenomenal results are achievable with concentrated efforts across the Google Search landscape. A mammoth scaling of numbers was witnessed in the one year period from February ’19 to January ’20.

    The Result for Meru Business campaign:

    Ranking for “Cab for Business” was pushed up from 24th to 8th and 10th position on Desktop and Mobile respectively. Set targets were dwarfed as results achieved by Hungry Folks Media grew exponentially.

  • Traffic increased by 67%
  • Traffic increased by 67%
  • Bookings increased by 41%

    The Result for Meru Outstation campaign:

    Ranking for “Cab for Business” was pushed up from 17th to 4th Mobile . An astounding growth in traffic by 81% to revise its targets for the coming months..

  • Traffic increased by 81%
  • Page Views increased by 55%
  • Bookings increased by 68%