Toyo Kombucha


How We made Toyo Kombucha the Best Seller & Market Leader on Amazon.

    About Toyo Kombucha

    TOYO Kombucha, manufactured with all-natural ingredients, sans preservatives perfectly serves you and your health! Kombucha, owing to its marvelous health benefits, is already quite popular in the west.
    Tired of feeling confused and intimidated by nutrition advice? We were too. So, we jumped at the opportunity to talk about India’s first Kombucha brand.


    To launch India’s first certified Kombucha brand on all the E-commerce platforms – a delicious chilled Fermented Tea (phew.)

    Our Solution

    cm-par Toyo Kombucha was a young & fresh brand in the market with an exciting product category they started working with us. They had just launched their website and were planning to expand their sales through Facebook , Instagram as well as Amazon advertising platforms
    We had to focus on generating traffic to their website (to build top of the funnel) before we moved to sales conversions.

    Our Solution

    We tried a variety of targeting audience pockets every week. Our communication needed to be strong enough to attract more audiences who would eventually purchase our products. Our focus was to conduct traffic campaigns and then later move to conversion campaigns & remarketing campaigns by targeting those who visited our website or added items in our cart or initiated checkout in the last 10 days. We applied a similar remarketing strategy to target the ones who visited the website in the last 20 & 30 days as well.

    Our Solution for Amazon

    On Amazon as well our major focus was to get noticed and this was only possible by bidding really high and capturing the first position of search results on Amazon.
    Apart from this we even tested out Video Ads and Category in order to generate more sales and make the brand more popular on the platform.


    Once we started receiving high-quality traffic to the website, we started generating more sales using videos and carousel ads on the chosen platforms.

    -We achieved over 12L+ sales with an average order value of Rs. 1,000+.
    -We achieved as ROAS of 4.5X through Facebook and the brought the CPA down from Rs 490 to Rs 250.
    -On Google Search Campaigns & Videos Campaigns worked really well and brought in a ROAS of 3.9.
    -On Amazon we started delivering a ROAS of 11 from generic keywords and ROAS of 3.5 from Competitors keywords.