How we improved the App Install rate and brought down the Cost Per Install by 68% and Cost per In App Activity by 50%

    About Walrus.

  • Walrus helps you receive Money into the wallet without the need of a bank account.With the help of Walrus Wallet you can make payments at your favorite merchants. Walrus is India‚Äôs First Neon Signature Card powered by Visa and is accepted at all the merchants that accept VISA. Walrus even helps you earn Bitcoin as you use the app.

    Objectives and Challenges

  • Walrus was already up and running, with a small but growing community of users. The main challenge was to lower the cost-per-install while getting people to directly download the app from the Playstore / AppStore. As the Target audience of the Company were the Gen Z it became more difficult to actually bring in the installs from the kids below 16 years of age.

    The Strategy

  • After the initial research and analysis we came to a conclusion that the audience most engaged in our video consisted primarily of younger millennials and post-millennials, also known as the Generation Z.
  • Young millennials and Generation Z-ers, however, are bombarded daily with hundreds of advertisements, especially on social media, so the right approach to winning the
  • We decided to go with the news format of the video, which was never meant to resonate the undertone of an advertisement.
  • The video showcased Walrus in an absolutely friendly manner, as if it were a breakthrough in science or technology, the "next best thing". This kind of native social media content flows much more naturally among people and simply calls for sharing and engagement, or in other words - to become viral.

    Our Solution

    Since we had a specific Age Group to target, we chose to reinforce brand awareness through Facebook to reach, engage & target potential customers.

    We then ran a Manual App Installation campaign to increase the user base and optimized each set for KYC registration which was the ultimate objective of the campaign

    On Google

    We decided to run the app install campaigns on Google ads with a good budget. We formulated a 3-pronged strategy for:

  • Increasing visibility
  • Boosting downloads
  • Reducing the cost of installs to the lowest level possible.

    On Google

    The App Install Campaigns on Google Ads allowed Walrus become visible on the Google search and display networks, Google Play, Google discover and YouTube. We continuously optimized the App Install Campaigns to bring down the Cost Per Install and achieved 55,000+ installs.
    During this time, we continuously adjusted the bids, optimized the ad texts (headlines) and closely monitored the performance daily to ensure that we got the highest number of installs at the lowest cost possible and Cheapest In App Activity.

And Counting...


App Installs


Increase in KYC Rate ( in app activity)


Decreased in overall CPA